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Why it's so popular

In the game Fortnite;, 100 players drop onto a map, fighting to be the last one standing. You use weapons, skill, and resources, to build and fight your way to victory. It's very easy to play and understand while being moderate when it comes to aggressiveness, catering to kids and any age group. The process of gearing up, getting kills, and winning the game is what gives an amazing adrenaline rush to so many people, and all things considered, is why I believe it is an amazing game and why it has become so popular.


There are tons of weapons in fortnite. To see more details, check out THIS!!The weapon rarity ranking system goes as follows. Grey is the most "Common," and subsequently the weakest type of weapon you can find. Green is the next rarest, being "Uncommon." Blue comes next, being classified as "Rare." Purple is the 2nd MOST rare and is considered "Epic." Gold is the final and most rare type of weapon you can find and is considered "Legendary."


There are tons of strategies in fortnite. For more strategy info, CLICK HEREStrategy only works if you also have skill. Putting in a lot of practice time and understanding the mechanics of the game is the first step to begin strategizing a plan. Building walls around yourself after getting shot is one of the most important strategies. Protecting yourself, teammates, and buying this critical time is very important.

Popular Players

If you've ever played Fortnite, no doubt may have heard of a few popular names. Here's a list of a few top players you may want to check out! CLICK HERE


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